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We Could See First Immortal Humans In This Generation, Say Futurists

Monit Khanna
Monit Khanna
Updated on Oct 18, 2022, 12:58 IST- 3 min read

When we think of immortality, it is something that’s often teased in fantasy or science fiction novels. And as an idea, it is definitely enticing to be able to not cease to exist. But life as we know it takes death as the primal truth.

We Could See First Immortal Humans In This Generation, Say Futurists Unsplash

However, what if I were to tell you that immortality isn’t just something fiction has teased us with, but something that’s possible by the end of this decade? That’s what Dr Jose Cordeiro,?Vice Chair at Humanity Plus -- an international nonprofit membership organization that advocates the ethical use of tech to expand human life -- believes in.

Cordeiro was one of the four participants on the debate panel at the Dubai Future Forum at the Museum Of The Future. The topic -- ‘Do You Really Want To Live Forever?’

According to Cordeiro, anyone who is interested in the future cannot ignore human life longevity, “If you are not looking at longevity, you are not looking at the future. Cancer discovered how we stopped aging – we can also discover how we become immortal.”

Cordeiro is optimistic that people who safely make it to the year 2030 will be able to gain one year every year they survive and by 2045, humanity could finally achieve rejuvenation technology, “We are living in most incredible time in human history – between the last mortal generation and the first immortal generation.”

Immortality driven by advances in medical science

The optimism of Cordeiro wasn’t shared by others on the panel. Dr Alex Zhavoronko - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Insilico Medicine -- an AI-driven pharma-technology company that’s working on accelerating drug discovery and development -- shared that while it’s great to be optimistic towards the idea of living forever, the path to that journey is engulfed in challenges and even failures.

He said, “Aging is the most complex therapeutic area, we should expect failures, and we shouldn’t expect miracles. The key is to use artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the pharmaceutical industry and discover drugs to help us live longer.”

We Could See First Immortal Humans In This Generation, Say Futurists Unsplash

And this somewhat makes sense. One aspect of living longer that is also at play is the advancement in the field of medicine. Medical science developing newer treatments to diseases that were once incurable is also helping raise the life expectancy of an individual on this planet considerably.

For instance, according to, the average life expectancy in India around the year 1881 was roughly 25.4 years. Now fast forward to 2019, and this number was at 69.7 years. This rise can be attributed to various factors such as betterment in the standard of living, and better socio-political conditions, but a major contributor has to be the advancement in the field of medicine. And with further advancements, this number is only expected to touch higher.

We Could See First Immortal Humans In This Generation, Say Futurists Unsplash

The road to immortality is a cautious one

Dr James Kirkland, Noaber Foundation and Professor of Aging Research, Mayo Clinic added, “Aging begins before conception, and it is feasible to target some of the fundamental processes that are linked to ageing. We are doing clinical research on senolytic drugs that destroy senescent cells that not only improved the physical capabilities of aged mice but also extended their lifespans. Clinical trials are underway in humans, targeting osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, frailty to cancer survivors, and bone marrow survivors. It is imperative that we move quickly… but cautiously.”

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